Parution : Herbert Berg (éd), « Routledge Handbook on Early Islam », Routledge, août 2017.

  • 9781138821187


Herbert Berg

Part I: The Qurʾān and Muḥammad

1.The Qurʾān

Nicolai Sinai

2. The Qurʾān and other scriptures

David Cook

3. The collection and canonization of the Qurʾān

Herbert Berg

4. Muḥammad

Stephen J. Shoemaker

5. The sīra,

Pavel Pavlovitch

6. Ḥadīth and sunna

Jens Scheiner

7. Exegesis

Michael E. Pregill

Part II: Identities and communities in early Islam

8. Identity and social formation in the early Caliphate

Peter Webb

9. Pre-Islamic Arabia and early Islam

Ilkka Lindstedt

10. Early Muslims and peoples of the book

Fred M. Donner

11. Politics and economics of the early Caliphate

Fanny Bessard

12. The myth of the « Shīʿī Perspective”: identity and memory in Early Islam, Najam Haider

13. Mysticism in early Islam: The Pre-compilations phase

Sara Sviri

Part III: Modern and contemporary reinterpretation of early Islam

14.Modernists and their opponents: reading Islam

Simon Wood

15. The golden age and the contemporary political order: the Muslim Brotherhood and early Islam

Rachel M. Scott

16. Salafīs: past to present, present to past

Jeffrey T. Kenney

17. Feminist Muslim (re)interpretations of early Islam

Aisha Geissinger

Part IV: Revisioning early Islam

18. Early Islam: an alternative scenario of its emergence

Markus Gross

19. Qurʾānists

Daniel W. Brown

20. In search of authenticity: modern discourse over homosexuality through early Islam

Sara Omar

21. True history in black and white: reimagined origins in the Nation of Islam

Herbert Berg

22. Invocations of early Islam in US discourse(s) of Muslim pluralism

Justine Howe

Hassan Bouali

Doctorant en histoire médiévale à l'université Paris Nanterre ( Paris X). Travaille sur le califat d'Ibn al-Zubayr (683-692).

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