Parution : Steven Judd, « New Perspectives on Ibn ʿAsākir in Islamic Historiography », Brill, 2017.

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This volume contains six articles on Ibn ʿAsākir and his Taʾrīkh madīnat Dimashq illustrating a variety of perspectives and approaches to the material. It includes a seventh article that discusses the process by which the now standard Dār al-fikr edition was compiled. The contributions address both the geographical and biographical sections of the Taʾrīkh madīnat Dimashq. Some of the authors examine Ibn ʿAsākir’s sources, while others describe how Ibn ʿAsākir’s works were used by later generations of scholars and how he influenced multiple genres of later writings. The volume also contains analyses of individual biographies and discussions of Ibn ʿAsākir’s treatment of larger classes of people, including the first analysis of his biographies of women. In sum, it illustrates both the wide range of topics that the Taʾrīkh madīnat Dimashq covers and the latest techniques for analyzing Ibn ʿAsākir and his work.

Contributors: Zayde Antrim, Steven Judd, Nancy Khalek, James Lindsay, Suleiman Mourad, Dana Sajdi, Jens Scheiner, Monika Winet.

Biographical note
Steven Judd, Ph.D. (1997) University of Michigan, is Professor of Middle East History at Southern Connecticut State University. He has published a monograph and several articles on the Umayyad period, including Religious Scholars and the Umayyads (2013).

Jens Scheiner, Ph.D. (2009) Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, is Professor of Islamic Studies at the University of Göttingen. He has published a monograph on the conquest of Damascus (2010) and edited a volume on the context of learning in Baghdad (2014).
All interested in 12th-century Syria, the Crusader period and the scholar Ibn ʿAsākir. In addition, anyone concerned with biographical dictionaries and the transmission of knowledge in that period.

Hassan Bouali

Doctorant en histoire médiévale à l'université Paris Nanterre ( Paris X). Travaille sur le califat d'Ibn al-Zubayr (683-692).

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