Call for Papers: “Texts in Transit in the pre-Modern Eastern Mediterranean”

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Call for Papers: “Texts in Transit in the pre-Modern Eastern Mediterranean”

Scholars relentlessly search for more insightful and more accurate ways of confronting the topics of their research. As part of this process, they have come to see the need for transcending traditional boundaries and definitions of context when studying pre-modern cultural history. More specifically, the movement of ideas from person to person, from area to area, and their attendant transformation is better approached by focusingupon geographical areas such as the Eastern Mediterranean, and taking it to be a space of exchange. The exchange of ideas within this space, and the transnational identities of some of the major figures involved in the exchange, are key elements in giving this newly defined space its cohesion as a subject for research.Indeed, due in part to considerations such as these, Mediterranean Studies is now a booming field of research.

We (Tzvi Langermann and Robert Morrison) have decided to put together a volume, tentatively entitled “Texts in Transit”, with a focus within the field of Mediterranean Studies, namely, studies on the movement of ideas in the Eastern Mediterranean (but generously contoured so as to include, for example, Jerusalem, Damascus, and the Black Sea) as revealed in a close study of a specific text. We have in mind the more obvious forms of movement, such as the physical transportation of books and libraries or the translation of texts from one language to another, but also the movement of texts from their original homes (the book written by an author) to other homes, that is, other books, by way of citation, paraphrase, or some other presence. This last process is similar to what is often called the “influence” of one text upon another.

We invite proposals for papers; studies that include editions and translations (not especially popular these days with journals) are particularly encouraged. Length is flexible. If you think that you have a paper to offer, please send a one paragraph description to us by July 30; we would like to have the papers in hand by the end of June 2013. We will also be looking seriously into the possibility of organizing a workshop in which contributors can meet each other and comment on each other’s papers.

Tzvi Langermann (
Robert Morrison (

Tzvi Langermann
Dept of Arabic
Bar Ilan University
Ramat Gan, Israel

Camille Rhoné

Agrégée d'histoire, titulaire d'une thèse de doctorat en histoire de l'Islam médiéval ("Défendre le territoire en Iran nord-oriental - Khorassan et Transoxiane -, IXe-XIe siècle"), Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne.

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