Conférence POMEDOR : Multidisciplinary Approaches to Food and Foodways in the Medieval Eastern Mediterranean_Lyon, 19-21 mai (date limite : 1er mai)

Conférence POMEDOR :

Multidisciplinary Approaches to Food and Foodways in the Medieval Eastern Mediterranean

Within the rapidly expanding area of research on food and foodways, the medieval eastern Mediterranean is still very much an unexplored area. The aim of the POMEDOR project was to explore this new field in a multidisciplinary way and to stimulate further research. Although the project focused primarily on food and foodways approached through archaeological and archaeometric studies of pottery – from transport amphorae to serving dishes, through food processing utensils, cooking wares, and wares used in food production processes – the conference encompassed a wider field, including historical, archaeozoological, archaeobotanical and anthropological studies.

Case studies in Greece, Turkey, Israel, Cyprus, Ukraine, etc., provide insight into food and foodways in the Byzantine Empire, the Crusader states, and beyond. Special attention was paid in the project to transitional periods, when new rulers and new populations with different cultural identities came into contact: the Fatimid and Crusader Levant, the Aegean between Byzantine and Frankish rule, Anatolia from the Byzantine to the Ottoman periods, etc. The conference presents the latest research, from exploratory studies on Late Byzantine transport amphorae to synthesis on the role of the harbour of Chalkis in food and pottery supply and maritime trade.

The POMEDOR project is funded by the French National Research Agency (ANR).

Information and Registration before May 1rst:

Programme : 


Cyprus and the Levant

12h45 Lunch Break

16h15 Coffee Break

20h00 Conference Dinner (for speakers)

Byzantine Banquet Created by S. Grainger, A. Dalby and I. Anagnostakis, Paul Bocuse Institute, Ecully
Under the Patronage of Chef Régis Marcon


  • 10h00 Coffee and Posters Session

Byzantium and beyond

12h45 Lunch Break

15h45 Coffee Break

18h30 Public Conference
Banquets byzantins: la gastronomie du centre du monde, A. Dalby


Trading goods, trading tastes

10h45 Coffee Break

13h00 Lunch Break

Byzantium and beyond

16h00 Concluding Remarks


Agrégée d'Histoire, docteure en Histoire à l'Université Lyon 2 et membre associée du CIHAM, elle travaille sur les pratiques et les discours ayant trait à l'alimentation dans l'Occident islamique (al-Andalus et Maghreb)

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