Colloque : Religious Alterity and Political Power in Medieval Polities (10-11 avril 2015, Madrid)

Colloque : Religious Alterity and Political Power in Medieval Polities
10-11 April 2015, Madrid
A conference entitled « Religious Alterity and Political Power in Medieval Polities » will take place at Saint Louis University, Madrid on 10-11 April 2015. It will feature papers from a distinguished group of experts in medieval European, North African, and Middle Eastern history, who will examine the exercise of power by individuals who belonged to subordinate or excluded religious groups (such as Jewish and Christian officials or mercenaries in Islamic states). The objective of the conference is to deepen our understanding of this remarkable phenomenon–and of its manifold causes and repercussions–by adopting a comparative approach.
Participants :

Nora Berend, Cambridge
Antonia Bosanquet, FUB
Tamer el-Leithy, Johns Hopkins/ARCE
Hussein Fancy, Michigan
Maribel Fierro, CSIC
Ana Echevarría Arsuaga, UNED
Jeremy Johns, Oxford
Michael Lower, Minnesota
Giuseppe Mandalà, CSIC
Juan-Pedro Monferrer-Sala, Córdoba
Marina Rustow, Johns Hopkins
Samir Khalil Samir, S.J., USJ
Alejandro García Sanjuán, Huelva
Luke Yarbrough, Saint Louis

Renseignements :
For more information and to register to attend (free of charge), please visit the conference web page:
A final program will be posted there as well.


Agrégée d'Histoire et doctorante en Histoire Médiévale à l'Université Lyon 2, membre du CIHAM, elle travaille sur l'alimentation en Occident musulman (Al-Andalus, Maghreb, XIIe-XVe s.)

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