Appel à participation : programme The Art of the Crusades: A Re-Evaluation (2015-2016, SOAS, Université de Londres) (date limite : 15 mars 2015)

Appel à participation au programme The Art of the Crusades: A Re-Evaluation (2015-2016) – SOAS Université de Londres.

SOAS University of London with funding from the Getty Foundation is launching a new research programme lasting two years entitled The Art of the Crusades: A Re-Evaluation. This early caeer collaborative rsearch project in Eastern Mediterranean and Levant is intented for Mediaevalists, Byzantinists and researchers into the art and archaeology of the diverse Christian, Muslim, Jewish and other religious and ethnic groups in this region.
Led by Professor Scott Redford of SOAS University of London, The Art of the Crusades: A Re-Evaluation is aimed at early career academics and higher level research students interested in exploring the possibilities of a new kind of integrationist approach to the art and archaeology of the mediaeval period in the eastern Mediterranean and Levant.
This approach will involve interrogating the material culture of the mediaeval period using diverse academic approaches, and seek to show the connections between the art and other material culture of the different peoples and religious groups of this region at the time.

We are looking for candidates from a wide variety of academic fields. This includes researchers into Crusader art, architecture and archaeology, but also Byzantinists, and researchers into the art and architecture of Islamic, Jewish and other religious and ethnic groups in the Eastern Mediterranean and Levant region during the Middle Ages.
Those taking part will be asked to attend four fully-funded research field trips, two in 2015 and two in 2016, each lasting nine days. These research trips will be to Greece, Israel, Jordan and Turkey and on them participants will attend lectures by international and local experts, visit historical sites of interest and engage in seminars aimed at formulating a new way of looking at this kind of material from an integrationist perspective. We are particularly keen to encourage researchers based in the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East, or with strong connections to it, to apply.

All air fares, accommodation and meals on the research trips will be paid for, and we welcome applications now for the first of these trips, to Turkey, in November 2015.

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Modalités d’inscription : en ligne

Dates limite : 15 mars 2015.



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