Appel à comm. pour la Conférence annuelle de l’association européenne des archéologues: 2-5 sept. 2015, Glasgow. (Date limite: 16 fev. 2015)

Veuillez trouver ci-dessous un appel à contribution pour une séance qui aura lieu au cours la prochaine conférence annuelle de l’association européenne des archéologues (Glasgow, 2-5 septembre 2015).
Le titre de la séance est :

Uncovering historical routes for a sustainable mobility:
methods, tools, case studies

Main author details

Prof. Cinzia Tavernari, Abdullah Gül University


Prof. Carlo Citter, University of Siena


Uncovering historical routes for a sustainable mobility: methods, tools, case studiesMobility is one of the key aspects of 21st century’s globalization. It may sound inappropriate to use the latter word when referring to past civilizations, however, it is indisputable that in past societies as well several groups of people were constantly on the move (merchants, pilgrims, craftsmen, soldiers). Because of their relevance to the understanding and explanation of many aspects of human behavior in the past, mobility studies are central to archaeological research. In addition, they gain increasing importance in view of the contemporary challenges posed by our society’s ever-increasing mobility. Mobility must be supported by roads, routes, paths, tracks. In this sense we believe that “the history of roads is not the study of the dead past, but of the living present” (Taylor 1979). This consideration represents the core concept of the session and our goal is mainly to explore mobility through the routes that served as its backbone. In this session we especially wish to invite contributions that consider three main issues. First, we focus on mobility as a network of connected routes, also in relation to the spreading of goods, ideas, military conquest and domination. Second, we consider the materiality of routes, how did they make them, what does remain in the archaeological record. Third, we think that the recovering of ancient routes in relation to contemporary mobility can help the sustainable development of a given territory for, both, tourism and inclusive societies. The focus of the session is mainly methodological and theoretical and it is thus open to any chronological period.

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Papers and Posters

The call for papers and posters is now open (Deadline 16 February 2015). Please follow the link below to submit a proposal.


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Agrégée d'Espagnol et docteur en Histoire médiévale (Université de Nantes), elle travaille sur les mudéjars/morisques et la littérature aljamiada (Espagne, XV-XVIe s.).

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