Appel à comm.: « 4th Simone Assemani Symposium on Islamic Coinage », 26-27 sept. 2014, Trieste. (Date limite: mai 2014)

4th Simone Assemani Symposium on Islamic Coinage

26-27 sept. 2014, Trieste.

In recent years, Islamic Numismatics has known a renewed vitality, due to the publication of corpora, collection catalogues, essays on the chronology of mint-output and mint activity. We found in the history of studies a shared field of research and debate. The investigation of scholars’ activity between the Seventeenth and Nineteenth centuries, in the light of an historical and documentary perspective; the history of the creation of public and private coin collections; the exchange of letters among scholars with a common interest for Islamic coinage, seemed to us challenging themes of research for a 4th Simone Assemani Symposium, entitled: At the beginning of the Islamic Numismatics in Europe.

Themes of research linked to this topic can be:

1) The activity of seventeenth- to nineteenth-century scholars involved in Islamic Numismatic studies and the reasons of their involvement;

2) The exchange of letters between scholars of the seventeenth to nineteenth centuries;

3) The significance and reliability of the first contributions;

4) The early publications of Islamic coin descriptions, and their drawings: linguistic and graphic matters and solutions;

5) Seventeenth- to nineteenth-century collections & collectors;

6) Islamic Numismatics and its place within Oriental studies;

7) Polemics and disputes (e.g. “The Abate Giuseppe Vella Case”);

8) Ancient finds.

In addition, a session will be dedicated to general contributions (such as new finds, new attributions, static studies, manuscripts, coins, etc.), the nature of which must be coherent with the general purpose of these meetings: the exchange of knowledge on numismatic subjects.

Presentations can be in English, French, German or Italian, and they must not exceed 30 minutes.

The Proceedings

The Proceedings, edited by the conveners, will be published within one year from the Symposium in a volume as well as in digital format (you can find easily on OPENSTARTS the previous volumes of Proceedings).

Texts cannot exceed 70.000 characters, footnotes included, and should be in Times New Roman, 12 pt for the texts and 10pt for the footnotes.

Plates and figures should be in JPG.

Registration Process

There is no official registration process, nor are there any participation fees, but we cannot help with  travel-expenses and the cost of the journey and of the stay must be paid by the participants. We will try to obtain sponsors and/or research subventions to facilitate your stay (e.g. coffee breaks and common meal), but cannot yet be certain to obtain any financing.

We are awaiting your adhesions in order to start convening the Symposium.

Conference submissions must be sent in PDF format. Please, make sure to include your name, your institution, the title of your paper, and (if applicable) the names of the other co-presenters.

Please fill-in the following form if you wish to participate to the Symposium (* indicate mandatory fields), before the end of May 2014, and send it to and

We look forward to meeting you in Trieste in September 2014
Bruno Callegher & Arianna D’Ottone

Call for Paper / Registration Form (PDF)


Agrégée d'Espagnol et docteur en Histoire médiévale (Université de Nantes), elle travaille sur les mudéjars/morisques et la littérature aljamiada (Espagne, XV-XVIe s.).

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