International colloquium, University of Utrecht, 28-29 April 2012

DAY ONE (Saturday, 28 April 2012)

PANEL 1 (9:30-11am): The origins of the Muslim hell

Angelika Neuwirth: Hell in the Qur’an

Simon O’Meara: The infernalization of the Jinn

Christian Lange: Revisiting hell’s angels in the Qur’an

PANEL 2 (11:30am-1pm): The growth of the Muslim hell

Christopher Melchert: Hell in early Islamic renunciant literature

Gabriel Reynolds: The place of hell in the sectarian milieu of
early Islam

Wim Raven: Hell in the Muslim popular imagination: the anonymous
Kitāb al-ʿAzama

PANEL 3 (2:30-4pm): Hell and Islamic theological diversity 1

Frederick Colby: Hell in the Bakrī miʿrāj narratives, 13th to 15th
centuries CE

Daniel de Smet: Ismaʿili-Shiʿi visions on Hell: from the ‘spiritual’
torment of the Fatimids to the Tayyibī Rock of Sijjīn

Roberto Tottoli: Hell à la Aljamiado: insights from some Andalusian

DAY TWO (Sunday, 29 April 2012)

PANEL 4 (9:30-11am): Hell and Islamic theological diversity 2

Mohammad Khalil: Islam and the temporality of hell: Assessing Ibn
Taymiyya’s conspiracy theory

Jon Hoover: God’s wise purpose in everlasting chastisement: Ibn
al-Wazir’s(d. 840/1436) critique of Ibn Taymiyya on the duration of

Christiane Gruber: The visual rhetoric of hell in Safavid
illustrated texts,ca. 1550-1600

PANEL 5 (11:30am-1pm): Early modern and modern repercussions

Patrick Franke: Are the parents of the Prophet in hell? A debate
of early modern Islam

Remke Kruk: The presentation of Hell in modern pious tracts and

Richard van Leeuwen: Fictional discourse and religious controversy:
Jamīl Sidqī al-Zahāwī’s Thawra fī al-jaḥīm

PLEASE NOTE: Seating will be limited, and so if you interested
in attending you are kindly asked to contact the Colloquium’s
director, Prof. Christian Lange

For subsequent updates on the event and information regarding
the 4-year project to which it forms part, namely,
"The here and the hereafter in Islamic traditions," please
visit http://uu.cluster28.e-active.nl/hhit/

Camille Rhoné

Agrégée d'histoire, titulaire d'une thèse de doctorat en histoire de l'Islam médiéval ("Défendre le territoire en Iran nord-oriental - Khorassan et Transoxiane -, IXe-XIe siècle"), Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne.

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