Parution : J.P. Monferrer-Sala, A. Monterroso Checa (dir), “A Compagnion to Late Antique and Medieval Islamic Cordoba (…)”, Brill, 2023

Parution : Juan Pedro Monferrer-Sala and Antonio Monterroso Checa (eds.), A Companion to Late Antique and Medieval Islamic Cordoba. Capital of Roman Baetica and Caliphate of al-Andalus, Leiden-Boston, Brill, 2023




A Companion to Late Antique and Medieval Islamic Cordoba cover the history and culture of Roman, late antique, Visigoth and al-Andalus Cordoba in nineteen contributions, from the foundation of the city in the 169/168 B.C. by the praetor Marcus Claudius Marcellus to the end of the Muslim period in 1236 B.C., when the city fell into the hands of Ferdinand III the Saint, King of Castile.

Making use of archaeological data and historical sources, combined with the latest research on the various fields under study, its authors give a compelling account of Cordoba’s most important archaeological, urban, political, legal, social, cultural and religious facets throughout the most exciting fifteen centuries of the city.



Chapter 1 How an Earthquake Shaped the Foundations of a New City: Cordoba from the 3rd to the 5th Century AD

Authors: Carlos Márquez and Antonio Monterroso-Checa (p.1-21)



Chapter 2 Rich Corduba on the Quiet Baetis: Politics, Society, and Economy in a Hispanic Provincial Capital between the 3rd and 5th Centuries

Author: Sabine Panzram (p.22-50)

Chapter 3 Corduba and the Byzantine Expansion in the Western Mediterranean

Author: Jaime Vizcaíno-Sánchez (p.51-78)


Chapter 4 The Role of Culture in a World in Transition: Iberia between the Romans and the Arabs

Author: Esther Sánchez-Medina (p.79-96)

Chapter 5 Christianity: The Architecture of a New Faith (4th–7th Century)

Authors: María de los Ángeles Utrero Agudo and Alejandro Villa del Castillo (p.97-130)

Chapter 6 The City in New Hands

Author: Xavier Ballestín-Navarro (p.131-141)



Chapter 7 Qurṭuba in Arabic Written Sources (8th–13th Century)

Author: Alejandro García-Sanjuán (p.142-163)


Chapter 8 A City for Muslim Power: Topography, Spaces, and Administration

Author: Mohamed Meouak (p.164-185)

Chapter 9 The Medina: The Old City of Cordoba

Authors: Alberto León Muñoz and Alberto Javier Montejo Córdoba (p.186-220)



Chapter 10 The Suburbs of the Greatest City in the West

Authors: Juan Francisco Murillo Redondo and María Teresa Casal-García (p.221-251)


Chapter 11 The Christian and Islamic Population of Cercadilla, Cordoba: 7th–12th Century

Authors :Mª del Camino Fuertes Santos and Rafael Hidalgo Prieto (p.252-270)



Chapter 12 The Ceremonial Ensemble of the Umayyad Caliphate at Madīnat al-Zahrāʾ

Author: Antonio Vallejo-Triano (p.271-303)



Chapter 13 When the Stones Speak: Believing, Living, and Dying in Qurṭuba. The Arabic Epigraphy

Author: María Antonia Martínez-Núñez (p.304-336)



Chapter 14 The Jews of Cordoba

Author: José Martínez Delgado (p.337-352)


Chapter 15 The Arabicized Christians in Cordoba: Social Context and Literary Production

Author: Juan Pedro Monferrer-Sala (p.353-377)


Chapter 16 Faiths in Contact: Santa Clara, an Overlapping Building through Centuries

Author: José Ignacio Murillo-Fragero (p.378-405)



Chapter 17 Literature in Qurṭuba

Author: Pedro Buendía (p.4066-436)



Chapter 18 Córdoba as a Scientific Center

Author: Julio Samsó (p.437-456)

Chapter 19 Fine Arts in Qurṭuba

Author: José Miguel Puerta Vílchez (p.457-493)



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Marianne BRISVILLE (2023, 10 juillet). Parution : J.P. Monferrer-Sala, A. Monterroso Checa (dir), “A Compagnion to Late Antique and Medieval Islamic Cordoba (…)”, Brill, 2023. Diwan. Consulté le 13 juin 2024, à l’adresse

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