« Khalili Research Seminar », avril-juin 2013, Oxford

Khalili Research Seminar

Date and place:

Lecture Room, Khalili Research Centre, 3 St John Street, Oxford

Tuesdays 2.00–4.30 pm in Trinity Term 2013


23 April (Week 1)
Harry Munt:
Why write local history in the early Islamic centuries?

30 April (Week 2)
Mahmoud Hawari:
Hishām’s Palace in context: landscape archaeological survey and excavations in the hinterland of Khirbat al-Mafjar

7 May (Week 3)
Umberto Bongianino:
Fātimid architecture in Cyrenaica: David Whitehouse’s excavations at Ajdābiya

14 May (Week 4)
Michael Macdonald:
Ignorance on the internet. A new corpus of Jāhilī writing from Arabia

21 May (Week 5)
James White:
Provincial power-play: a Safavid-era manuscript of ‘The Man in the Panther’s Skin’

28 May (Week 6)
Francesca Leoni:
The good, the bad and the ugly: representations of good and evil in Islamic art

4 June (Week 7)
Elise Morero:
Islamic rock crystal – technological perspectives

11 June (Week 8)
Marie Legendre:
Byzantine capitals, Umayyad dukes and the Egyptian dīwān: local administration and the formation of the Islamic state




Agrégée d'Espagnol et docteur en Histoire médiévale à l'Université de Nantes, elle travaille sur les mudéjars/morisques et la littérature aljamiada (Espagne, XV-XVIe s.).

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