Parution : Y. Halper (ed.), “The Pursuit of Happiness in Medieval Jewish and Islamic Thought (…)”, Brepols, 2021.

Parution : Y. Halper (ed.), The Pursuit of Happiness in Medieval Jewish and Islamic Thought. Studies Dedicated to Steven Harvey, Brepols, 2021.

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Introduction — Yehuda Halper and Resianne Fontaine

Happiness Without Sense-Perception: From Plotinus to the visio beatifica, East and West

Cristina D’Ancona

Happiness in Jewish-Hellenistic and Rabbinic Thought

Giuseppe Veltri

Philosophical Terms for ‘Happiness’ in Languages of Culture in Medieval Near, Middle, and Far East

Mauro Zonta

Alfarabi on Categories of Existence and Politics

Charles E. Butterworth

Alfarabi’s Directing Attention to the Way of Happiness or the Way out of the Cave

Thérèse-Anne Druart

Light, Exhilarants, and Healing the Spirit: Some Observations on Avicenna’s al-Adwiya al-Qalbiyya (Cardiac Drugs)

Y. Tzvi Langermann

On the Certainty of Traditio

Hannah Kasher and Ariel Malachi

From Tranquility to Extra Effort: Some Notes on the Introduction and Conclusion of Maimonides’ Guide of the Perplexed

Dong Xiuyuan

Maimonides on Joseph Ibn Jābir’s Ultimate Happiness

Charles Manekin

‘Shun Evil and Do Good’: The Problem of Evil According to Maimonides’ Commentators on Guide, III. 8–12

Resianne Fontaine

Happiness, Eros, and the Active Intellect: Understanding Erotic Desire in Averroes’ Long Commentary on Aristotle’s Metaphysics Λ in light of the Middle Commentary on the Nicomachean Ethics

Yehuda Halper

‘…donc le bonheur ne réside pas dans le jeu’: Quelques brèves remarques sur le Commentaire moyen d’Averroès à l’Éthique à Nicomaque, X 6

Frédérique Woerther

Ibn al-ʿArabī’s Theology of Prayer

Binyamin Abrahamov

Meaning Beyond Defining: Averroes’s Dispositio in Thomas Aquinas’s Account of Heavenly Beatitude

Katja Krause

How to ‘Win the Fulfillment of the Best Life Set by the Gods’: Questions Addressed to Plato by Gersonides

Ruth Glasner

Courage and Death: Aristotle, Aquinas and Joseph b. Shem-Ṭob

Chaim M. Neria

Hasdai Crescas’s Use of the Term ‘Happiness’

Warren Zev Harvey

Happiness in Life and after Death in Late Medieval Byzantine Jewish Thought

Dov Schwartz

Spinoza and Some of His Medieval Philosophers on the Summum Bonum

Yitzhak Melamed

The Pure Young Men: Chastity, Euripides, and the Madrasas of Pakistan

John Walbridge

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