Colloque : 7th conference of the school of Mamluk Studies themed day, 1-2/07/21 (en ligne)

SMS 2021

Exceptionally, the Seventh Conference of the School of Mamluk Studies will be organized online. Only the themed day will be maintained. It will be split over two days (July 1-2, 2021).

We invite those of you who wish to participate in the Themed Day (July 1-2, 2021) to register online by filling out this form by June 15.

Participation in the conference is free but registration is required. Those who have registered will receive a link to connect themselves a couple of days before the conference. This link will be personal and cannot be shared with anyone else.


We thank you for your continued support for and interest in the School of Mamluk Studies, and hope to see you all in person in Marburg next year.

The Organizing Committee

Commerce and Crusade: The Mamluk Empire and Cyprus in a Euro-Mediterranean Perspective
Program Listing

Online, Microsoft teams, see below.

Thursday, July 1:

1245 (GMT): Communications check

1300 (GMT): Word of Welcome (Frédéric Bauden), Practicalities (Alessandro Rizzo)

1310 (GMT): Introduction (Georg Christ)


1330 (GMT): Naval Warfare I: Warfare, the concept of jihad, and state-making

  • Nicholas Coureas: Mamluk naval warfare against Cyprus 1270-post 1474
  • Jo Van Steenbergen: From warfare in Cyprus to state-making in Cairo: the semantics of order and fitna in the chronicles of al-Maqrīzī (c. 1365-1442)
  • Mehdi Berriah: Cyprus in the eyes of Ibn Taymiyya as the next target of Mamluk strategy in the Near East


1500 (GMT): Break


1530 (GMT): Naval Warfare II: al-Biqāʿī

  • Kenneth A. Goudie: Man of the pen and the sword: Burhan al-Din al-Biqāʿī as a mujāhid
  • Yehoshua Frenkel: Al-Biqāʿī as a Muslim historian: His vision of Bilād al-Shām and the conquests of Islam (futūḥāt) in light of his book (mss Paris) Akhbār al-jilād fī fatḥ al-bilād (Informing the wounded about conquering the lands)


Friday, July 2:

1250 (GMT): Communications check


1300 (GMT): Trade I: Western perspectives on Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean

  • Richard Knorr: Tracing Segurano-Sakran Salvaygo once more – clues about a Genoese trade network with Mamluk Egypt in the early 14th century
  • Beatrice Saletti: Trading between Alexandria and Acre in the late 13th century: first notes on an unpublished Venetian manual of commercial practice


1400 (GMT): Trade II: Aromatics and other trades

  • Aysu Dincer: ‘Fragrant exchanges’: The circulation of aromatics in the late medieval Mediterranean
  • Ellen Kenney: Material imaginaries across the Mediterranean: medieval Damascus and Cyprus


1500 (GMT): Break


1530 (GMT): Mamluk Cyprus and Venice

  • Albrecht Fuess: Paying tribute to the Mamluks. How was Cypriot’s vassal status in the 15th century organized?
  • Koby Yosef: The role of Cypriot and European/Anatolian mamluks in interactions between the Mamluk Sultanate and Cyprus
  • Frédéric Bauden: « Procurar de quietar l’anima del Soldan »: the transfer of Cyprus to Venice and the question of the Mamluk tribute


1700 (GMT): Final Discussion

1730 (GMT): Information regarding SMS 2022


Reminder: Participation is free but registration is required by 15 June 2021:


The Microsoft Teams invite/link will be emailed by Alessandro Rizzo.



Hassan Bouali

Doctorant en histoire médiévale à l'université Paris Nanterre ( Paris X). Travaille sur le califat d'Ibn al-Zubayr (64/683-72/692).

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