CEFREPA Lectures : Mehdi Berriah, « Jihad, Ibn Taymiyya, and the Historians », 18/05/21, en ligne (17h).

Misreading and misunderstanding Ibn Taymiyya’s jihad writings without contextualization lead to oversimplify his thought. However, a close reading of the substantial scattered jihad material of Ibn Taymiyya allows to bring out a well thought and complex conception of jihad. Moreover, careful examination of the famous Hanbali theologian’s writings shows that he is not always as the warlike scholar as he is often presented. His positions regarding fiqh al-jihad have often been underestimated in their complexity. Based on Ibn Taymiyya’s writings and contemporary historical writing (especially chronicles), this lecture will give an overview of Ibn Taymiyya’s jihad conception and shed light on Ibn Taymiyya’s positions on some jihad issues.

Dr. Mehdi Berriah is Assistant Professor at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Associated Researcher at CEFREPA (Kuwait), and a Member of the Centre for Islamic Theology (CIT). A specialist of War and Mamluk Studies, Mehdi is also editor for SHARIAsource (Harvard Law School) and the director of the « Taymiyyan Corpus of Jihad » project.

Discussant: Dr. Yaser Ellethy is Associate Professor and Director of the Centre for Islamic Theology (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam). He has published widely on Islam, reform and democracy in Europe.

Lecture and discussion online and in English via Zoom. To register: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_UTaP8DS4Qqu2C00GocCKmw





Hassan Bouali

Doctorant en histoire médiévale à l'université Paris Nanterre ( Paris X). Travaille sur le califat d'Ibn al-Zubayr (64/683-72/692).

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