Appel à comm. : publication d’éditions critiques ou traductions au MIDEO (limite : 30 mai 2021)

Dear Colleague,

I am writing to let you know that MIDEO —the Miscellanies of the Dominican Institute for Oriental Studies— is accepting, in addition to articles and book reviewscritical editions of primary texts in Arabic, Persian, and other languages relevant to understanding the intellectual history of Islamicate societies throughout the centuries. We also accept translations of such works into English or French.

As a non-commercial, internationally peer-reviewed research journal of Islamic studies, we consider critical editions and/or translations of any length, i.e. also those that might be either too long for commercial journals or too short for a book project. The deadline for submission for the next issue of MIDEO is May 31, 2021.

We would be delighted to receive your proposal. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

With best wishes,

Dr. Dennis Halft, OP
Directeur de la publication / Editor / رئيس تحرير المجلّة

MIDÉO (Mélanges de l’Institut dominicain d’études orientales)
Secrétariat | 1 rue al-Ṭarābīchī | ʿAbbāssiyya B.P. 18 |
11381 Le Caire | Égypte

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