Parution : « Al-ʿusur al-wusta », VOLUME 28 (2020)

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Antoine Borrut et Matthew Gordon : Letter from the Editors


Qamarayn: The Erotics of Sameness in the 1001 Nights
Zayde Antrim
Who Compiled and Edited the Mashhad Miscellany?
Luke Treadwell
A Call to Arms: An Account of Ayyubid or Early Mamluk Alexandria
Jelle Bruning
The Rebellious Son: Umayyad Hereditary Succession and the Origins of Ḥijāzī Opposition
Abed el-Rahman Tayyara
A Brief History of Islamic Civilization from Its Genesis in the Late Nineteenth Century to Its Institutional Entrenchment
Kevin van Bladel
Le stylite (esṭūnōrō) et sa ṣawmaʿa face aux milieux cléricaux islamiques et miaphysites (Ier-IIe/VIIe-VIIIe siècles)
Simon Pierre

SPECIAL DOSSIER: “Islamic History Broadly Conceived: A Tribute to Michael Cook and the Holberg Seminar”
A Note from the Holbergians
Sébastien Garnier, Matthew L. Keegan, Pamela Klasova
The Holberg Seminar
Antoine Borrut
The Treatment of Coeval Persian Poetry in Arabic Anthologies of the Eleventh/Seventeenth Century: A Preliminary Study
Theodore S. Beers
Dans le ventre de l’histoire: Sindbad le marin ou la satire du glouton?
Sébastien Garnier
Adab without the Crusades: The Inebriated Solidarity of a Young Officer’s Hunting Epistle
Matthew L. Keegan
Ḥadīth as Common Discourse: Reflections on the Intersectarian Dissemination of the Creation of the Intellect Tradition
Pamela Klasova
The Paperwork of a Mamluk Muqṭaʿ: Documentary Life Cycles, Archival Spaces, and the Importance of Documents Lying Around
Daisy Livingston
Being Persian in Late Mamluk Egypt: The Construction and Significance of Persian Ethnic Identity in the Salons of Sultan Qāniṣawh al-Ghawrī (r. 906-922/1501-1516)
Christian Mauder

Current Issue

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