« American Schools of Oriental Research 2012 Annual Meeting », 14-17 nov. 2012, Chicago


à l’occasion de la Rencontre Annuelle des American Schools of Oriental Research, une sélection des conférences portant sur l’archéologie islamique.


Session 1: Archaeology of Islamic Society I

Thursday, November 15, 2:00-4:05 PM, A19
Theme: Reports from the field
Bethany Walker (Missouri State University), Presiding

2:00 Bethany Walker (Missouri State University), “Adaptations, Transformations, and Continuities: Grand Narratives in Islamic Archaeology Today” 2:25 Reem Shqour (Ghent University), “Excavations at the Islamic Village of Jalul”

2:50 Hamed Salem (Birzeit University), “The Mamluke and Early Ottoman Rural Settlement System between Historical Documents and Archaeological Records”

3:15 Stephen McPhillips (Copenhagen University), “Hydraulic Power in Medieval and Early Modern Syria: Archaeological, Ethnographic and Historical Evidence of Watermilling in the Upper Orontes Valley”

3:40 Ebru Fatma Findik (Hacettepe University), “The Story of the Transformation from an Ottoman Village to the Metropolis of Myra”


Session 2: Archaeology of Islamic Society II

Friday, November 16, 10:40-12:45 PM, A43
Theme: Methods of Analysis in Islamic Archaeology
Bert de Vries (Calvin College), Presiding

10:40 Sofia Laparidou (University College London), “Agricultural Land Use and the Issue of Adaptation in Different Environmental Zones during the Medieval Period of Jordan: A Phytolith Approach”

11:10 Michael Fuller (St. Louis Community College), “Food and Drink in the Medieval Middle East”

11:40 Paul Wordsworth (Copenhagen University), “Sustaining Trade: Historical Water Provision across the Desert of Southeast Turkmenistan”

12:10 Jonathan Ferguson (University of Toronto), “Munsell Notations and Color Names in Near Eastern Archaeology: Expanding the Nomenclature”


Session 3: Islamic Frontiers and Borders in the Near East and Mediterranean

Saturday, November 17, 4:20 – 6:25 PM, A88
Theme: The Eastern Frontiers (the Caucasus and Central Asia)
Asa Eger (University of North Carolina-Greensboro), Presiding

4:20 Introduction

4:25 Aleksandr Naymark (Hofstra University), “Theoretical Juxtaposition of Rural and Urban and Actual Transformation of Settlement Patterns in Early Islamic Sogdiana-Mā Wara’ an- Nahr”

4:50 Roman Kovalev (The College of New Jersey), “Dirham Hoards and Monetary Frontiers: Drawing Boundaries with Coins Across the Islamic Near East in the Second Half of the 10th through the Early 11th Centuries”

5:15 Tasha Vorderstrasse (Oriental Institute, University of Chicago), “Chinese Material Culture from Moščevaja Balka in the North Caucasus”

5:40 Kathryn Franklin (University of Chicago), “Houses for Strangers and a Homeland on the Move: The Caravan-House and Political Economy in the Late Medieval Armenian Highlands (A.D. 1200-1400)”

6:05 Discussion


Papers in Other Sessions

Archaeology of the Byzantine Near East

Thursday, November 15th, 10:40-12:45 PM, A12

11:05 Marica Cassis (Memorial University of Newfoundland), “Illuminating the Byzantine Dark Ages: Survey and Excavation in Anatolia” (20 min.)

Community-Based Practice and Collaboration in Near Eastern Archaeology

Friday, November 16, 8:20-10:25 AM, A40

9:40 Lawrence Geraty (La Sierra University), “Sensitivity to Dig Hosts in an Islamic Context” (15 min.)


Archaeology of Southern Arabia and Her Neighbors II

Friday, November 16th, 4:20-6:25 PM, A58

6:00 Bruno Frohlich (Smithsonian Institution), Juris Zarins (Missouri State University), Lynne S. Newton (Qatar Museums Authority National Museum of Qatar), Michelle Michicek (Missouri State University), Christine France (Missouri State University), and Shirley Wallace (Missouri State University), “The Indian Presence at Medieval Zafar (al Baleed) Oman: Artifacts, Trade or Residents?” (20 min.)

Archaeology of Iran II

Saturday, November 17, 2:00-4:05 PM, A78

3:40 Abed Taghavi (University of Mazandaran), “The Location of Tabaristan Military Garrisons in the Early Islamic Era” (20 min.)



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