Parution : Jerusalem Studies in Arabic and Islam vol 45 (2018).


Founding Editor: M. J. Kister

Editor: Yohanan Friedmann
Guest Editors:  Miriam Goldstein and  Julia Rubanovich
The present volume encompasses revised and expanded versions of most papers delivered during the international workshop “Strategies of Preservation and Guardianship of the Authorial Composition in Mediaeval Arabic and Persian Literature” held at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem between December 16–19, 2013. A crucial premise of both the workshop and the present volume is the assertion that the Arabic and Persian literary systems share a single historical continuity with the latter being in constant dialogue with the former since the emergence of the Neo-Persian language in the ninth century. As a result, both literatures display an interwoven development of forms, genres, styles, and literary concepts which makes it methodologically sound and advantageous to exercise an integrative approach in discussing the evolution of authorship in the two literatures. The present volume represents the first attempt to explore various aspects of the subject in their interrelationship, thus serving as a useful lens for processes of cultural transmission as well.  
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Volume 45 (2018) contents:
Julia Rubanovich and Miriam Goldstein: Introduction
Zoltan Szombathy, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest: 
The concept of intellectual property in mediaeval Muslim literary culture
Miriam Goldstein, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem:
Ibn Qutayba and the rise of conceptions of authorship in the classical ʿAbbasid period
Franklin Lewis, University of Chicago:  
Authorship, auctoritas, and the management of literary estates in pre-modern Persian literature
Julia Rubanovich, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem: 
In anticipation of critique and misappropriation: A look at safe- guarding techniques in mediaeval Persian prose
Christine van Ruymbeke, University of Cambridge: 
Authorship, ownership and re-writing: Vāʿiẓ Kāshifī and Abū al-Faḍl b. Mubārak within the hereditary line of Kalīla va Dimna authors
Antonella Ghersetti, Università Ca’ Foscari, Venezia: 
Late authorship and innovation: The case of al-Suyūṭī (d. 911/1505)
Letizia Osti, Università degli Studi di Milano: 
The author as protagonist: Bio-graphical markers in historical narratives
Christine Noelle-Karimi, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna: 
“I was there myself”: Eighteenth-century Persian historiographers as guardians of authenticity
Yuriko Yamanaka, National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka:
Authenticating the incredible: Comparative study of narrative strategies in Arabic and Persian ʿajāʾib literature
Gabrielle van den Berg, Leiden University: 
Literary afterlives: Mediaeval Persian poets and strategies of legitimisation in the oral poetry of the Ismāʿīlīs of Tajik Badakhshan
Yaacov Lev: People and commodities in the Indian Ocean trade: A review article
Jon Hoover: Shahab Ahmed, What is Islam? The importance of being Islamic
Jens Scheiner: Boaz Shoshan, The Arabic historical tradition and the early Islamic conquests. Folklore, tribal lore, Holy War
Daniel De Smet: David Hollenberg, Beyond the Qurʾān. Early Ismāʿīlī taʾwīl and the secrets of the prophets 
Roy Vilozny: S. Makarem, (ed. and tr.), The Shiʿi Imamate: A Fatimid inter-pretation. An Arabic edition and English translation of the Tathbīt al-imāma, attributed to the Fatimid Caliph-Imam al-Manṣūr.
Leigh Chipman: G. Bos and Y. Tzvi Langermann(eds), Maimonides. On rules regarding the practical part of the medical art. A parallel Arabic-English edition.
Binyamin Abrahamov: Th. Emil Homerin (ed. and tr.), ʿĀʾisha al-Bāʿūniyyah. The principles of Sufism. 
Rachel Milstein: Robert Hillenbrand, Studies in the Islamic arts of the book 
Orit Yekutieli: Etty Terem, Old texts, new practices: Islamic reform in modern Morocco 


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Hassan Bouali

Doctorant en histoire médiévale à l'université Paris Nanterre ( Paris X). Travaille sur le califat d'Ibn al-Zubayr (64/683-72/692).

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