International Colloquium Written Arabic, Writing Arabic: Corpora and Lexica (WAWA_CorLex), 23-25 oct. 2012

Dear Colleagues,

We are very pleased to invite you to contribute to the International
Colloquium Written Arabic, Writing Arabic: Corpora and Lexica (WAWA_CorLex),
which will be held from 23 to 25 October 2012 at Roma Tre University, Rome.
The Colloquium is a joint international project co-organized by The Hebrew
University of Jerusalem, Roma Tre University and La Sapienza University of

Following the International Workshop Towards a Thesaurus Linguae Arabicae
(Roma Tre, 11-13 October 2011 – Roma Tre University, Rome) and the First
International Conference on Written Arabic and Writing Arabic (The Hebrew
University of Jerusalem, 19-21 June 2012), WAWA_CorLex aims to bring
together scholars interested in the perspective of building a large network
of corpora and lexica of Arabic, including texts and lexical material from
different periods and different varieties of Arabic.

The new framework proposed aims to treat Arabic texts and lexica by an
interdisciplinary approach that aims to study and deal with Arabic “without
adjectives”: the goal is to treat Arabic as a single, multilayered language
and to build lexical tools and resources that allow scholars to search for
Arabic linguistic and textual data beyond traditional diachronic, diatopic
and diastratic distinctions.

Papers about any aspect of the creation, development, or maintenance of
Arabic lexica and corpora, including theoretical and applicative issues on
Arabic linguistics, dialectology, textual analysis, are welcome.
Presentation of ongoing projects as well as final results of a research
project are welcome. PhD students and young researchers are warmly invited
to contribute. Colleagues who wish to give a paper are requested to send a
tentative title and an abstract (250 words), no later than 25 September
2012, to: Papers may be given in English, French or
Arabic and are allotted 20 min. followed by 10 min. discussion.

A final list of contributors, abstracts and the general schedule will be
published on the conference website
( by 5 October 2012. All
information on transportation and accommodation will also be found there.

Prof. Giuliano Lancioni
Prof. Olivier Durand
Prof. Gabriel M. Rosenbaum
Dr. Cristina Solimando
Mrs. Michal Marmorstein

Sterenn Le Maguer

Archéologue spécialiste de la péninsule Arabique et du commerce dans l'océan Indien, vacataire à l'Institut catholique de Paris et à l'Université Rennes 2.

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