Parution : Marcus Milwright, “The Arts and Crafts of Syria and Egypt from the Ayyubids to The World War I”, Gorgias Press, juillet 2018.

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This book focuses on the production, sale, and consumption of portable arts in regions covered today by the modern polities of Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and the Palestine Authority. The reprinted chapters in this volume have been revised and updated. They offer interdisciplinary approaches to the material culture of the region from the twelfth to the early twentieth centuries, combining evidence from primary written sources, archaeology, and objects in museums and private collections. Topics include the production and distribution of pottery, importation of glazed wares into the Middle East, shadow puppetry, economic activity associated with the Syrian hajj, the manufacturing practices of the crafts operating in Damascus during the last decades of Ottoman rule, and the decoration of artillery shell cases during and after World War I. Also included are an introduction containing a critical evaluation of the main sources of information, a cumulative bibliography, and a previously unpublished study of leatherworking in the late Ottoman period.

Table of Contents (v)

List of Illustrations (vii)
Acknowledgements (xiii)
Notes for the reader (xv)
Text and image acknowledgements (xvii)
Introduction (1)
Chapter 1. Pottery in written sources of the Ayyubid-Mamluk period (c. 567–923/1171–1517) (21)
Chapter 2: An inscribed pottery bowl of the Mamluk period (43)
Chapter 3. Turquoise and black: Notes on an underglaze-painted stonepaste ware of the Mamluk period (53)
Chapter 4. Written sources and the study of pottery in Ottoman Bilad al-Sham (71)
Chapter 5. Imported pottery in Ottoman Bilad al-Sham (91)
Chapter 6. Trade and the Syrian hajj between the twelfth and the early twentieth centuries: Historical and archaeological perspectives (117)
Chapter 7. On the date of Paul Kahle’s Egyptian shadow puppets (137)
Chapter 8. Wood and woodworking in late Ottoman Damascus: An analysis of the Qāmūs al-ṣināʿāt al-Shāmiyya (183)
Chapter 9. Glass and glassworking in Damascus during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries (207)
Chapter 10. Metalworking in Damascus at the end of the Ottoman period: An analysis of the Qāmūs al-ṣināʿāt al-Shāmiyya (231)
Chapter 11. The Qāmūs al-ṣināʿāt al-Shāmiyya as a record of the leather-working crafts of late Ottoman Damascus (247)
Chapter 12. An Arabic description of the activities of antiques dealers in late Ottoman Damascus (271)
Chapter 13. MARCUS MILWRIGHT AND EVANTHIA BABOULA Damascene ‘trench art’: A note on the manufacture of Mamluk Revival metalwork in early twentieth-century Syria (285)
Bibliography (311)
Index (351)

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