Appel à comm. : Al-mawaqif Journal (limite : 31 déc 2018).

Candidature pour publications
Dates : April 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018
Location: Algeria
Anthropology, Humanities, Islamic History / Studies, Philosophy, Social Sciences

To send an article to ‘Almawaqif Journal’ via ASJ Platform simple,

First, subscribe at ASJP following the link:

Log in as an author, click on “Submit an article” or access ‘Almawaqif’ at

… and then follow the steps below:

  1. Download the template. While reading the instructions, pay attention to all details in terms of format, font type and size, and margins (Any omission on the part of the author(s) will systematically lead to the rejection or withdrawal of the submitted paper.).
  2. While having selected the language, bear in mind that only papers written in either Arabic, or English, or French will be accepted.
  3. Write the title of your article.
  4. Upload the updated, final version of your article which must be conforming to the template’s requirements.
  5. Paste the abstract in Arabic and French or English if the article is in Arabic; in case it is in French or English paste the abstract in the language of the article, and the second one in Arabic (for the non-Arabic speaking authors, the editorial board will write the Arabic abstract for them).
  6. 8. Paste the keywords in both languages of the abstracts, no more than five words separated with a semi-colon (;).
  7. Click on ‘M’ for male or ‘Mme’ for lady.
  8. Write authorship full name (Last name then first name), institutional affiliation, country, and institutional e-mail address.
  9. Select then click on the icon corresponding to the notifications the author wants to receive about his/her submission (Notifications are made available only to the corresponding author of a paper.).
  10. In case of co-authored papers, click on ‘add an author’ and then fill in the required information.
  11. Peer review is used to ensure a quality of published manuscripts. Scholars with expertise in the subject will evaluate the manuscript, it is thus confidential (blind peer review), but if needed, you can suggest reviewers for your article; however, this does not mean that your proposed board of reviewers will be systematically taken into consideration.
  12.  Finally, click on send the article.
  13. An acknowledgment of receipt will be sent to submitters by e-mail. A notification of acceptance/rejection of the paper submitted will be sent to submitters by e-mail. In case of acceptance, you will be able to follow your paper’s progress on your dashboard via your ASJP account.


  • All graphs, figures, and tables must be inserted within the main text as image.
  • It is the responsibility of the corresponding author to ascertain that all co-authors agree with the corrections before the corrections are returned.
Contact Info:

Prof. TAIBI Ghomari

Chief Editor

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Mascara University, Algeria.

Phone 🙁 00213)45707522

Email:  almawaqif(at)

Visit the website

Contact Email:

Hassan Bouali

Doctorant en histoire médiévale à l'université Paris Nanterre ( Paris X). Travaille sur le califat d'Ibn al-Zubayr (64/683-72/692).

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