Parution : Volumes 37 (2010) and 38 (2011) of Jerusalem Studies in Arabic and Islam

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
The Institute of Asian and African Studies
The Max Schloessinger Memorial Foundation

is pleased to announce the publication of

Jerusalem Studies in Arabic and Islam

vol. 37(2010) 331  pp.

Studies in honour of Aryeh Levin I


Y. Friedmann and  S. Hopkins,  Aryeh Levin: a scholarly biography

Aryeh Levin: list of publications

G. Ayoub, La description sémantique du verbe dans le Kitāb de Sībawayhi

I. Ferrando, Sībawayhi and the broken plural

K. Versteegh, Pidgin Arabic and arabi sa`ab:  the influence of the standard language in the history of Arabic

ناصر الدين أبوخضير, أثر تحديد العامل النحوي في الخلاف بين البصريين والكوفيين

A. Sadan, The meaning of the technical term jawāb in Arabic grammar

A. Kasher, The terminology of vowels and i`rāb in medieval Arabic grammatical tradition

Y. Peled, The influence of the standard language in the history of Arabic

Sh. Alon, Some of the sources of Ibn Manẓūr’s Lisān al-`arab

J. Blau, New prepositions in mediaeval Judaeo-Arabic

O. Kapeliuk, Some special features of Ethio-Semitic morphology and
syntax: inalienables and intimate relationship in Amharic

N. Basal, Mediaeval Jewish and Muslim cultures:  an anonymous
Judaeo-Arabic adaptation of Ibn Jinnī’s al-Luma`

F. Corriente, Imālah and other phonemic and morphological features in sub-dialectal Andalusī Arabic

J. Aguadé,  The word for “nine” in Moroccan Arabic and other euphemisms related to numbers

M. Bar-Asher,   The Maghribī sharḥ to Tractate Avot

M. Muranyi, Eine islamische Rechtsfrage über Entschädigungen zwischen Muslimen und Christen. Ein Beitrag zur Textentwicklung und Textkritik in der Mudawwana


M. Muranyi, Adam Gacek. The Arabic manuscript tradition. A glossary of technical terms and bibliography

K. Dmitriev, Georges Tamer. Zeit und Gott. Hellenistische Zeitvorstellungen in der altarabischen Dichtung und im Koran

F.S. Stewart, Kurt Franz. Vom Beutezug zur Territorialherrschaft: das lange Jahrhundert des Aufstiegs von Nomaden zur Vormacht in Syrien und Mesopotamien, 286-420/889-1029. Beduinische Gruppen in mittelislamischer Zeit I

Jerusalem Studies in Arabic and Islam

vol. 38(2011) 427 pp.

Studies in honour of Aryeh Levin II


A. Borg, Phonological and lexical notes on an Arabic manual of Morisco folk medicine

C. Holes, A participial infix construction of eastern Arabia – an ancient pre-diasporic feature?

A. Geva Kleinberger, A text in the Arabic dialect of the Druze of `Ayn Qinyi, the Golan heights

O. Jastrow,  Qadāmčīye in Mardin

M. Shawārbah, The imālah in some Bedouin dialects in the Negev

O. Shachmon, Pausal final imāla in central Palestinian dialects

A. Gaash, The development of t from suffix to prefix in neo-Arabic dialects and contemporary colloquial Hebrew

Y. Marom, The fisherman and the wishing ring: a text from the Tarabīn anNuwēb`a

W. Arnold, “Die Kommunisten müssen Leid ertragen!” Ein Text im arabischen Dialekt von Isdud (Ashdod)

G.M. Rosenbaum, The influence of colloquial Arabic on the language of the modern Egyptian press

F.H. Stewart, The word xamsah in Bedouin language and law

A.A. Hussein, The rise and decline of naqā’iḍ poetry


M. Marmorstein, Michael Waltisberg. Satzkomplex und Funktion: Syndese und Asyndese im Althocharabischen

Y. Lev, Dionisius A. Agius. Classic ships of Islam. From Mesopotamia to the Indian Ocean

D. DeWeese, Islamisation de l’Asie centrale: Processus locaux d’acculturation du VIIe au XIe siècle. Étienne de la Vaissière, ed.

K. Bauer, Jutta Gisela Sperling and Shona Kelly Wray, eds. Across the religious divide: women, property and law in the wider Mediterranean (ca. 1300-1800)

R. Milstein, Finbarr B. Flood. Objects of translation: material culture and medieval “Hindu-Muslim” encounter


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Sterenn Le Maguer-Gillon

Archéologue, titulaire d'un doctorat (Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne), spécialiste de la péninsule Arabique et des pays du Golfe.

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  1. Sterenn Le Maguer dit :

    Une erreur a été faite dans la table des matières des Jerusalem Studies in Arabic of Islam 37(2010). Le titre de l’article de Y. Peled est en fait : « Sibawayhi’s Kitab and the teaching of Arabic grammar. »

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